Importance of Citations (Directories)

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You want these for Google and other search engines to find when you do the Google Places page. These are  “mentions” of your business, Name, Address, Phone Number  website  directories, & review sites.

Getting Listed with Local Directories

  1. Find and Open directory.
  2. Fill in Business Information.
  3. Include hours of operation, payment options, language spoken, or any other appropriate content.
  4. Be sure to add as many categories as each directory will allow.
  5. Upload as many pictures and videos as the directory will allow.
  6. Be sure all information is the same for every directory.
  7. Submit.
  8. Check email for confirmation and log back in if required.

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  Citations – Getting them indexed

I recommend using a tool such as Pingler or Pingomatic Using this for other optimization of new pages and articles works great too if you have the time to input them. Remember – everything needs to match up between citations, website and Google Places a. Business Name b. Address c. Phone number If you make a mistake here, your citations will most likely NOT get credited to the Google Places listing. Be careful .One last thing….avoid over-killing your titles or business name in the directories/review sites where you build your citations.

This may cause Google to reduce the credibility of your listing. A good start to find local citations that get listed from Google is to look at the Places pages of those already in the top 7 box for your category or industry open their places pages up and see where they are listed, then go to those places first and register.

Today’s Assignment it ain’t easy and it takes time to do but is worth it in the long run. Remember we can set up and maintain 45-50 directories each month for you and keep them updated with fresh content. contact me for details.

1.Get the 10 Citations  set up correctly.

2.Look at the Top 7 Box for your area by putting in the name of your Industry or Service – not the name of your business! (example: “Barber” Vs. “Main Street Barber Shop”) and right down the sites of their citations – then go get them! Now get on the computer and give me 10! Sorry, I got carried away, but this is for your businesses own good. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________

Don’t doddle, the work that these lessons are asking you do is preparing you for TOMORROWS Market! 70% of the USA’s population turns to the internet, and mainly Google to find YOU! Will they be able to find you or your competition easier?

Places to register:

Yahoo Local ListingsSwitchboard Super PagesYellow.con Area Connect Merchant CircleGoogle Local Business/ Google MapsBing/MSN Local MatchPointYellowbookYellowUSAHot Frog