Sixth Online Classifieds Marketing for Profit Producing Leads

Classified ads create leads. We post two optimized industry specific leads a day every day and all leads are exclusive and call only you!

Pay For Results, Not Clicks

The Process

A Simple 4 Step Process to Generate You Leads

 Prospect Searches For Services you Provide


Prospect Finds a Condor Advertisement


Prospect Calls a Track-able Number Forwarded to You


 You Pay only For Qualified Leads, Not Short Calls

Will this help?

Proven to Increase Sales within Days!

Q & A

Most common questions about our lead generation service.

How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Good Question

The first thing you have to consider is your personal closing ratio per lead. If you close 1 out of every 4 prospects you see or come to you, then you have a 25% closing ratio. It will cost you the price of 4 leads to close one. You  have to do the math and ask yourself if this will work for you.

If you close 1 in 3 then the numbers go to 33% better math.

Remember our rates are lower than the service pro’s type services and all our leads are exclusive to you, Not to you and 5 others paying for them and first come first served.

How Many Leads Will I Get?

Each situation is different but you can expect 1-3 lead calls a day once we have everything up and rolling smoothly.

What If I Get Too Many New Clients?

If you are receiving more clients than your business can handle, Please contact us. We have options of rotation lists to make sure all calls get answered. Or that all prospects get serviced. We have other businesses in your area that would love some run off.

Worse Case Scenario: You get bombarded with so many calls you have to have your brothers, uncles, cousin, who once worked with you go out and make a sales call, while you contribute the the economy by hiring more help. 🙂

What If I Get Too Few Calls Per Week?

If you receive too few calls each week, please contact us.  We may be able to allocate additional keyword targets in your area to your office.

Why Did You Cancel My Account?

Condor clients love the extra income we are able to help them make and the new referrals that one new client can generate.  We strive to help you generate legitimate business as your success is our success.  However we reserve the right to cancel your account.

Here are some common reasons your account is cancelled.

  • If you receive several less than 45 seconds calls per week.  If we believe a Condor client is attempting deception by actively keeping legitimate new client calls under 45 seconds to avoid billing, we will cancel the account.
  • Non Payment.  Naturally if you don’t pay, we will move the leads on to another client in your area.

Note that once your account is cancelled, we release the exclusive leads to someone else.  We may be able to generate additional leads in your area.  Please contact us.

How Does Billing Work?

Billing is simple.  If you receive a call to our tracking number and it’s over 45 seconds long, it will be billed to your account.

We track calling information based on a phone number that we forward to your phone.

Option 1) You receive your bill on Sunday and pay via PayPal on Monday.

Option 2) Automatic Billing, Your Credit card on file will be charged once a week for usage.

We provide detailed reports on the usage, call logs, and non answered phone calls. Most clients are billed initially for any call over 45 seconds and for all non answered calls.

Are these all Internet Leads?

YES! At Condor Marketing we have perfected our online SEO service to now help your business by utilizing the many searches out there looking for you.

81% of all people in the United States use the Internet. We do not use any Pay per click B.S.

This stat is available on Google if you search for “current Internet usage.”  Click here to jump to the most recent current Internet usage stat.

Where Do The Calls Come From?

We have and build websites on search engines and directories such as:

Google Bing  Yahoo, etc.

Our sites are geo-targeted to your market area. And for our long term clients we also build an optimized geo-location landing page website to help generate leads specific to them.

We will also run ads on Craiglist, Backpage and other online directories geo-targeting your business multiple time a month. Your Success is our Success.

Will I Be Billed For Wrong Numbers?

No you will not be billed for wrong numbers since they normally do not last more than 60 full seconds.

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

1. Your potential caller surfs the Internet to find a solution.

2. They find our geo-targeted website in your market area or in our advertising campaigns.

3. They call the phone # and the call is forwarded directly to you.

4. You receive the call which is announced it’s from Condor Marketing.

5. You then will talk directly to the calling prospect who has called you specifically.

Simple but effective

Why Can’t I Simply Get Targeted Traffic To My Own Website?

You Can! With Condor Marketing we provide full SEO services, that drive traffic to any website you desire as well as bring in new clients and calls. Our Lead Generation Pay Per Call offers additional revenues for our clients.

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