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Whether you are a start-up business, a small, local, national or international enterprise, our online marketing services will launch your business, brand, website, products and services for more visibility, higher rankings, higher traffic, richer engagement, and potentially more leads and conversions. Click on the Service Below to Visit the Package Details.


  • We Make Things Happen

    All our clients are on page one of Google and other major search engines. (Proof available)

  • Building an Online Presence

    We offer an arsenal of tools that when combined create an unstoppable marketing campaign. That results in phone calls and emails to your business.

  • Monthly Reports

    I suck at sending regular reports every month, but work speaks for itself, (in case you need reports over results) I make things happen and everyone is happy.

  • No Contracts

    I only offer month to month agreements. If I do not get you results, you should not continue to pay. Upgrade or Downgrade at will.

  • Full Disclosure

    We utilize Drop Box for all our clients so everything we do is directly in your hands as well. Your information is yours.

  • Fast Support

    We pride ourselves on fast support and response times, If it is important to you it is important to us.

The First Step To Online Dominance

Creating an SEO optimized website that the search engines find and rank your business for. This leads to more exposure, more calls, & more email inquiries.

Please watch the video below to see the type of results we achieve when we build an SEO optimized website for someone.

All results are real time as of Dec. 9th 2013. All of these clients only had me build an optimized website for them. (Well no we did do Jeff’s Directories for him) All sites are optimized from the git go, some followed up using my step by step instructions that I send out weekly and have better results than others.

I will teach you what to do if  you have the time to do it, otherwise consider me to provide our service of getting you seen everywhere.

SEO Optimized Websites Info.

Fully Optimized Websites

As full time SEO consultants we found that not all websites are SEO friendly, and that no matter how pretty a site is if it is on page 13 then nobody sees it.

So we started to design SEO friendly websites that practically jumped to Page One all by themselves. Fully optimized from the ground up with custom headers, call to action forms, blog pages, contact pages, social share buttons, all legal disclaimer pages and a ton of SEO tools to help you maintain your website.


Full Description What You Get

Included in all seo optimized websites

  1. A website, consisting of an SEO friendly Domain name (if you do not have one) with an upgraded theme Including 1 months free maintenance / site changes from your personal webmaster, (your content) All Google Webmaster tools, video sitemaps, upgraded video players, all SEO optimization tools. RSS feeds & SEO experts at Condor Marketing.
  • All  SEO Optimized Websites will include a Home page, Custom Header & Graphics, Contact us page, Blog page w/ 1st blog written, Share buttons, Call to action form, All legal disclaimer & compliance forms – Copyright notice, DMCA Compliance, Privacy Policy, & Terms of service.
  • Will be mobile website responsive
  • Special Program installed to automatically post your seo optimized websites updates in real time to FaceBook, Google+ & Twitter
  • Call for a consultation 228-207-9500

We’re a full service digital agency with a proven track record in Web design & Web development. We specialize in web design & development, search engine optimization,  e-Commerce,  Logo Designing, Web and Desktop Applications at cost effective price but with an exceptional design and service.

Cost is not in hourly basis, it is based on the completion of the work. 

Most Common Plans:

1. Logo designing

2. Layout designing

3. Video or Slide show

4. Blog set up

5. 5-15 static pages (your content)

6. 1 contact php form

7. SEO Optimized Pages

8. Technical assistance

9. Mobile website included

You Have control of the Content Management System (CMS):

Admin Area Features:

1. Admin login.

2. Admin can edit all pages.

3. Admin can include images and delete images.

4. Admin can add pages if needed.

5. Admin can add videos of third party websites.

6. Admin can delete the content and pages if needed.

7. Video gallery section to add and delete videos in categorized format.

8. Image gallery section to add and delete images in categorized format.

9.  Admin can create and remove pages and posts

10. Admin can change the username and password.

11. Admin can change the logo if needed.

12. Admin can manage the banner area. Admin can change the images sliding in the banner.

13. Admin can also manage the footer icons.

Starting at : $ 335

Time Required : 7-10 business days.

Initial Payment : $335 +annual hosting.

Above are most common plans. If you would like to have any kind of website, just send us the brief description of your idea or the urls of the websites you like, I can get you the exact features, quote and time frame. *60 months hosting is required for all affordable website design packages or additional fees could apply.

We provide affordable maintenance plans for the seo optimized websites and you can ask us for any modifications.

Optimize and Maintain New Content

The secret to SEO is consistency so we continually add new fresh original content that is industry specific to your business for the search engines to find.

SEO will Generate multiple streams of traffic that are looking for you, and what you have to offer.

Search Engine Optimization Info.


Be seen everywhere is what we give our clients at very affordable rates.

Remember when you used to use the telephone book to find a business? Now days the way you are found is to be seen in the search results. There is a lot of competition for the prime real estate in the search results but we can and will help you with proper white hat search engine optimization.

We provide you a complete hands off monthly enhancement package, so you can concentrate on what you do best, take care of business. Call us today for a plan designed around you and your budget. Call 228.207.9500

Content management and distribution


What does Search engine optimization entail?

  1. Keyword and Phrase research
  2. Optimize all on site pages for the search engines.
  3. Content Management and Distribution (syndication)
  4. Proper Directory Listing Management.
  5. Submission to search engines Maps, G+ Yahoo, Bing & 47 others.
  6. Video Marketing campaigns.
  7. RSS, Bookmarking, and Social Signal management.
  8. Consistency

Biloxi search engine optimization company

Short Summary

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is properly optimizing your on page website content so that it is easily read by the search engine robots or spiders and then indexed as relevant to the search terms that people use to find a particular business or service.

Unlike the paid the advertising (adwords) you see when doing a search SEO creates all the information necessary for you to be found in the organic listings (normally ten per page under the paid ads) The better your page position the more exposure you get, which means more business for you.


More Info

Here is our secret to proper SEO and never getting slapped by Google or any other search engines. You will only be rewarded with higher page rank, higher credibility and what you want MORE BUSINENSS.

The secret is and always has been CONSISTENCY and now with the Panda algorithm it is a MUST! You MUST submit timed regular content of value, you MUST regulate your citations and directories. You MUST submit your information through a variety of mediums and do it CONSTANTLY. I am talking Directories, RSS, Podcasts, Articles, Videos, Press Releases, etc.


Using your keywords to properly to tag all your efforts. Making proper titles and descriptions for all your submissions, using proper tools to make sure you have the right density with a good flow of content. And making sure your website is optimized on every page with those exact same techniques.

No use throwing stuff out there that you THINK is good without making sure it is optimized for the search engines to find, index and rank as QUALITY RELEVANT INFORMATION.


We place you in over 50 local directories

We maintain over 50 local directories for you each month, 1st we optimize your accounts. Then add information monthly to keep them fresh & seen.

Watch this 3 Minute Video if You Want to own 60% of Page 1 Real Estate

 These are  “mentions” of your business, Name, Address, Phone Number  website  directories, & review sites.

Condor Marketing has partnered with Yext

One of the most cost effective ways to be seen locally and to get higher page ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines is to put your self in all the directory listings you can with all the proper information, including Optimized video, optimized pictures, proper categories, optimized descriptions, upload services sections, upload bio section, offer monthly coupons all coming back to your website and getting you more juice.

Getting Listed with Local Directories

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube… Social media channels are more varied than ever and growing in popularity. We can help you manage your campaigns and reputation online.

Social Media Services

Do you have an existing social media prescence or this is all new to you? Either way we can help you make the most of this dynamic marketing channel. Our enthusiastic team of experts will work closely with you on any aspect of social media marketing, from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus page design to fully managed campaigns and reputation management.

Industry specific Twitter posts & Facebook posts every day.

We are experts at social media, so we keep up with trends and technology. We understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups and microblogging – so you don’t have to.

We will still be posting while you are working on building your business. We’ll still be posting when you are on holiday or off sick. We’ll still be posting when you are attending an urgent meeting that runs on all day.

Social Media statistics

Facebook has over 850 million active users. 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands via Facebook. As of 2012, over 17 billion check-ins and location-tagged posts have been recorded. 77 percent of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook.

175 million tweets are sent every day (in 2012). 56 percent of customers tweets to businesses are completely ignored. 34 percent of businesses have generated leads using Twitter.

43 percent of people prefer Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands; 24 percent chose Facebook. The Google +1 button is used 5 billion times per day. Google+ is expected to attract 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Try  our Demo Dashboard

Pay For Actions, Not Clicks, Consider us an extension of your sales team! No software to purchase, install or monitor

How it Works

 Prospect Searches For Services you Provide

Prospect Finds a Condor Chat Box

Prospect interacts with chat 24/7 providing contact information

 You Pay only For Qualified Leads!

Proven to Increase Sales within Days, We Monitor 24/7 We get the lead, you button it up!

Custom Branding

Brand your chat window with your logo, pictures, contact information and more.

Call Connect

While engaged in a chat, the agent has the ability to connect the visitor to the advertiser by phone.

Pre-Defined Responses and Scripts

Instead of requiring the agent to type every response our platform allows you to store pre-defined responses that the agent can paste into the chat window with one click.

Customizable Pro Active Invites

The chat invitation that the visitor is presented has a customizable look and feel, messaging, animation style and timing.

Backup Answering Service

Chats that your agents cannot/do not pickup will automatically be routed to and processed by our chat center.

Web Page Push

Agents can push a web address into the visitor’s browsers to direct them to Q & A

HIPAA Compliant

Our platform has added security and lead delivery functionality that will ensure protection of data covered by HIPAA. This is relevant for our medical customers like Plastic Surgeon, Dentists and Doctors.

Live Chat is the perfect addition to all your Call To Action incentives. Call for a transcript sample.

How can Live Chat benefit me?

Online advertising is expensive. The cost and competition of bringing targeted prospects to the business’ website are significant and increasing. Therefore it is essential to try and convert every website visitor into a contact, and eventually into a customer. That is where Condor-Chat comes in. We help improve the conversion of valuable advertising clicks into leads via Live Chat, thereby giving the advertiser a better return on his/her advertising dollars.

Live Chat is a technology that enables website visitors to start an Instant Message Text Chat with a live chat agent during his/her stay on the business’ website.

Many consumers do online shopping from work or where they are not close to a telephone. Live Chat is an ideal way for them to initiate contact with the business. Chat is easier to initiate than a telephone call and increases website engagement during the critical comparison shopping and vendor selection phase. On the average our customers report a 25-30% increase in leads after adding chat to their website.

A large majority of online advertisers don’t have the operational capacity to conduct their own chat operation as it requires dedicated resources at all times. Condor-Chat offers a complete turnkey solution to these advertisers with the sole purpose of improving the return on their advertising dollars 24 hours/day- 7 days/week . Unlike most other chat companies, that either provide just software or just service via the use of another company’s software, we do both, resulting in a better value and experience for the customer.

How can I start using Condor-Chat?

Contact our sales team and we will collect some basic information information about your business and your goals. Once you have selected that plan that works for you we will provide you with a code snippet that you will need to add to your website pages (we can help you with this if you don’t know how). We will develop custom responses for your business based upon business type and your goals and start monitoring your for incoming chats. If a chat results in a lead, we will send that to you in real time by email or text message.

You will also be able to log into a customer portal to view reports site visitors, chats, transcripts and leads.

How many additional leads will I get after using Condor-Chat?

On the average our customers report a 25-30% increase in leads after adding chats. Some customers have even reported a 60% increase. However for a given website this number will depend upon many factors including quality and relevance of traffic on the site, whether there any competing conversion products, etc.

Can the look and feel of the chat window and invitation be customized?

Yes both the chat window and the invitation can be customized for your business.

In addition to the look an feel the chat invitation can be made to animate differently, slide in, slide down, bounce etc. and its appearance can be delayed.

What times will Condor-Chat be monitoring our website?

Condor-Chat contact center will monitor your website 24/7 including holidays.

How will the leads be sent to the business?

Whenever our agent succeeds in obtaining the contact information of the visitor, we will send the lead to you right after the chat is finished.

Monthly Service

All Online Marketing Service  is done on a month to month no contract basis. (30 day cancellation notice is required)

Monthly marketing is designed around your particular situation meaning we design it for you alone, although some things remain constant for all.

Based on the services we have designed for you and your particular needs you will be billed automatically according to our agreed terms.


Select the maximum amount you want to pay each month
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Upgrade / Downgrade Service Add-ons: Use this box to add additional services to your existing account. This is billed separately from you normal billing and is used for recurring billing that fluctuates each month. based on the service you chose.

Upgrade / Downgrade Service Add Ons
You can be billed up to $500.00 USD
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Pay For Services

Pay Online: Have we spoken and you want to pay now? use the Pay Now button below just use the invoice number I sent or put in your name so I can credit you.

PAY ONLINE – Invoice # or Name

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SEO will Generate multiple streams of traffic that are looking for you, and what you have to offer.

Trevor Scharer

Jay is great! His google places knowledge, SEO knowledge, and local marketing is truly unmatched! Condor Marketing is top notch

Trevor ScharerRealtorPaper Boy Properties
Carmen Craig

Jay has reaffirmed my faith in one who does what he says he is going to do. As a small business owner, Jay is helping me realize how important marketing, the right way, will grow my business. He is a great guy, easy to communicate with and he get results! Don’t wait like I did….call Jay now!”

Carmen CraigOwnerFeline Fabulous
Dr. Gregory King

Hey Jay You’ve been a wealth of knowledge and helped me tremendously in improving my ranking, as well as helping me improve my website. Thanks for your help, I highly recommend your services to anyone that wants to be number one!

Dr. Gregory KingChiropractor Cumming GABacksmart Health
Richard Prodgorski

I have used several SEO companies in the past to help increase my website traffic, and to gain more visibility on the web. Sadly, I found that I was doing a better job myself even though I had limited experience and time available with which to work on it.

Unlike Condor Marketing, the other companies required thousands of dollars up front just to get started. This was before receiving any proven results or benefits from their service. With Condor, they only ask for a small amount each month with no long term contract required.

They proved themselves to be a very valuable and effective service, before the first month had even ended. Condor has increased my website traffic and visibility enormously within a very short period of time. I have every confidence in their ability to keep up with the ever increasing changes in the web advertising market, and to keep me on top. With such little risk, you owe it to yourself and your company to give Condor a try.

Richard ProdgorskiOwnerGreat Lakes Security Hardware

Condor Marketing
5555540 Positive Review(s)

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Successfully Employing Search Engine Optimization

Successfully Employing Search Engine Optimization Improving your ranking in search engine results directly impacts the success of your online presence. You will find the knowledge you are seeking pertaining to improving your ranking on the search engines. Take the time to find out what search engine optimization is and how it works. Your site is identified and chosen by algorithms that affect SEO. You need to use good SEO strategies so that your business gets lots of incoming traffic from potential customers. Your profits and traffic will grow if you use SEO to your advantage. If you are not a patient person you are not going to want to get into search engine optimization. It is something that takes a good bit of time to benefit from. It may take several months to see the results of all of your hard work especially when you are new to the business.


TIP! Make you site look appealing, inviting and authoritative so that other webmasters will want to exchange links with your site. Keep adding high-quality content and make your site useful to your readers, and web masters will want to send traffic your way because it makes them look good when they identify other useful sites for their readers.


When ranking your site, a search engine looks at many things. Keywords present on your site will be taken into account by the search engine. The links leading to and from your site, as well its traffic and its update schedule, also contribute to its ranking. A rise in the rankings in the multitude of search engines out there isn’t going to happen overnight. You need to do everything you can in order for your website to look interesting to these computers. Putting keywords into your site will help you get noticed by the search engines.. Increase the number of relevant keywords that you are currently using to get maximum results. Featured and sponsored links appear above the listings on SERPs, but these paid advertisements are expensive and are usually purchased by companies with a lot of financial clout. Paying to rank higher in search results is not a solution. When you build your web site make sure that you do not use Flash for that. This is because many search engine crawlers do not understand Flash. Using HTML is the most popular option and it is the easiest to keep up with. Also remember to keep all of the flashy graphics to a minimum.


TIP! The key to effective search engine optimization is to make small improvements consistently. That is because as you tweak the optimization of your website, the competing websites in your industry are also being tweaked by other site owners


You need more than the random inclusion of keywords and key phrases in your content if you want effective search engine optimization. Rankings can be improved depending on how you link to your own pages and external sites. Make the most of any associates you have at other websites to seek reciprocal link exchange agreements. When analyzing your target market, consider the different ways in which they are most likely to find your site. Instead of attracting random visitors, focus on bringing interested customers to your site. Find related sites that are key to advertise on, and use search keywords to bring customers to your website. All types of businesses need a website. It’s essential to have a website if you rely on internet sales. The information given here will help you increase the number of visitors to your site. It doesn’t matter whether your competing with 7 million other related search results or locally under 100,000 related search results we are giving you the ammunition you need to get noticed and ranked on page one.


Are you Ranking Organically for the SEO Keywords and Terms you Want?

SEO takes time, patients and above all continued work. Just like your business, if you just stopped working sooner or later it will stop producing the results you want. For less than it cost for a one page ad once a month in the local newspaper you can have an SEO company like us provide you constant exposure getting you multiple search results for the keywords and phrases you desire.


SEO Marketing strategies vary from client to client

Unlike most SEO companies that provide a generic amount of service with automation tricks and tools, we can provide you hands on customized SEO in the areas you need it most. We make sure you have all T’s crossed and your I’s dotted before any campaign is started and put in force. We want you to succeed in your SEO efforts as much as you do. seo optimized


SEO Optimized at its finest

Search Engine Optimization 601.602.8908